Water ATM

Water ATM

Water atm machine has been in the use in most Indian cities for about a decade. It is a great option for minimizing the costs in contrast to the high prices of mineral water.

From the name itself it becomes easier to understand that a water ATM machine is a sort of machine that venders water in the same manner a bank ATM works. The only difference is, in a bank ATM a card has to be swiped to take out cash and in the case of water ATM, money goes inside in return of water. The machines are also operable through a prepaid or smart card system. Such types of cards are issued by private companies who are the actual owners of a water atm machine. These companies have the right over public resources like land and water. However, it is not clear how much groundwater can be drawn by a single company to provide through a water vending machine.

What is the need of water ATM?


Initially it was introduced at Delhi in the year 2015. Basically, it was instigated to provide water to the unauthorized colonies and thus, the government came up with a plan of setting up 280 water ATMs. However, in the recent days these machines are also used in various other states like, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh etc. The primary objective of these machines is to dispense pure drinking water. It can be installed anywhere as per the requirement of various urban and rural localities which fall back from the access of clean and pure drinking water. Therefore, setting up a water atm machine can be the best idea to serve people all across the cities and states.


The benefits of water ATM :


A typical water ATM brings in loads of advantages for the consumers. These include:

1. Dispensing safe and pure water 24/7 round the year. People have to pay for the water on a pay per use basis.

2. It can be installed anywhere you want including, bus/railway stations, hospitals, schools, meeting places etc.

3. It can be really helpful in areas where people consider spend a lot of time while standing in queues only to have safe drinking water. Still to this day, in most rural areas adults as well as kids skip thief work and schools respectively.

4. With ATM machines people can reduce the dependence on package drinking water which is of course a costly option especially for rural areas.


The eco-friendly move of water atm machine can mean a lot especially in the days of global warming. Considering this, private companies should come up to take the initiative and consider installing at various parts of the cities.