Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Alowin Technologies, we believe in providing complete satisfaction to our customers along with guaranteed success for their business. Whenever a client clicks on the “Accept” or “Agree” button (whichever is more applicable) or authenticates a deal, we accept that he/she is accepting all terms and conditions that we talk about. We also consider that the acceptance is provided in a healthy state of mind and without any pressure of any kind. In this situation, once the order has been placed, we accept that the client has read the policies and terms of use thoroughly, and understood them all.

Cancellation Policy

At Alowin Technologies, we believe in cooperating with our customers in all possible ways. We follow this flexible cancellation policy just to ease the process of cancellation if need be. We need that our client(s) agree to the following to place/confirm the request for cancellation:

  • We will consider the cancellation requests valid and acceptable only if they are submitted within 24 hours of placing the goods order, not applicable for digital products and services including domain and hosting. The requests for canceling an order will not be considered after the order has been communicated to the proper merchants/vendors, and they have started the procedure of shipping the products listed in the order.
  • Alowin Technologies does not entertain any request for cancellation for those products/services that the marketing team has obtained on special occasions like Easters, New Year, Christmas, etc. As these deals are unique and they are available for a limited period only, so cancellations for those orders are not possible.
  • In case you find that the services/products received by you are not as agreed, then you would need to bring it to the attention of customer service desk at Alowin Technologies within 24 hours of your receiving the same. The Customer Service Team will take the appropriate measures only after looking into the grievances in detail.
  • We will process cancellation requests only if it is started by the initial authority and also if we have received it in writing, not applicable for domain and hosting. We will not consider any refund of money for any request for cancellation that is made after three (3) days from the date of order. Alowin Technologies may records all the inbound or outbound calls for training or security reasons. The same can be used as a proof of the verbal contract between Alowin Technologies and the customers/clients.
  • Alowin Technologies will not consider any cancellation/refund requests if they are submitted after the cooling off period for any reason possible. It will further lead to a full payment of the promised costing. It will also result in immediate termination of the contract. However, we can consider any other outcomes mutually agreed between the client and Alowin Technologies.
  • In the case of grievances regarding the services/products that come with a warranty directly from the manufacturers, we request our customers to refer the same directly to them.

Refund Policy

When customer(s) buy services/products from Alowin Technologies, the purchase is protected under the refund policy. If the customer(s) are not happy with our goods and services (again not applicable for digital services including domain and hosting), then Alowin Technologies may consider a full/part refund after analyzing or investigating the same. We would look for full cooperation with our valued customers. By dint of high-quality work and services, Alowin Technologies has thousands of happy and satisfied customers worldwide. With a trusted support system, Alowin Technologies is ready to afford to support its services or products with an exclusive guarantee.

If you wish to submit your request for a refund, you just need to contact the customer support team at Alowin Technologies along with your contact and purchase details within three (3) days of availing/buying services or products make sure it is not applicable for digital products and services including domain and hosting. Please don’t forget to mention the order and invoice number (that you get via email after placing/confirming the order). It would be highly appreciable if you can please tell us why you are requesting a refund. This is entirely optional, but feedbacks for the customer feedbacks help us to improve our quality of services continuously. We would like all our customers to know and note that we are not providing refunds for services delivered in full, like installation service,  knowledge-based, domain and hosting services etc. After approval we process refunds within 21 days of receiving the refund requests.

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