Hardware Products and AMC

Hardware Products and AMC

The point of renting instead of buying

The Convenience of Renting

Leasing gives you prompt access to gear – when you need it and for whatever length of time that you require it.


Exceptional equipment

No all the more managing maturing and old equipment, when you lease IT hardware.


Reduce work hamper

Rather than relying upon producer bolster, lease from us and we will deal with fix and supplant machines wherever important.


Deal with your income

You can spread out your income over the genuine time of the undertaking, rather than tying up valuable capital.


Why lease from Computer Exchange?

We have been in this market from long time back, and today an exceptional association on the global platform that rents IT hardware to both vast and private companies for short-to-long terms.


Dependable and Trusted

PC Exchange has been giving IT foundation on lease to driving corporate houses all through the country for many years.


Customized and Flexible Rentals

Lease for precisely as long as you require. Our rental understandings can incorporate adaptability to update and to return, when not required, past an underlying lock-in period.


Quick buying and existing stock

We can react to the most earnest needs, at short notice, and get you the hardware you require. We likewise have a significant stock of items to lease.



We are pleased with our client base of presumed corporate houses, worked through persevering pledge to quality, respectability and administration.


What would you be able to lease?

Laptops, Desktops, workstations, anything IT-related for your needs.


Security, Backup and Networking Solutions

We offer believed security answers for shield your frameworks and systems from any kind of dangers and vulnerabilities.

UTM (Unified Threat Management) has developed as an imperative part of security at Gateway Level. It offers an incentive for cash by consolidating Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware, Content Filter, VPN, Authentication, URL Filtration, Antispam, IPS Filter, Reporting highlights.

Method of Communication is an essential part in the Network Architecture. Organized availability (cabling, center, connect, switch, switch, etc) is compulsory for smooth access of Network Resources.

Your business information is an advantage that ought to be secured with a dependable reinforcement and recuperation arrangement. The reinforcement is simple however guaranteeing security and a dependable recuperation takes mouch more. Our reinforcements ensure you with reflected server farms, information uprightness checks, administrative consistence, and so forth.

Hardware AMC Support Service

Alowin Technologies is an emerging company that provides complete Hardware AMC Support Service to all types of clients. The service we provide helps you to discern from the perspective of analyze, maintenance, and monitor the functionality of the hardware. Hardware AMC Support is widely demanded among global clients and we prefer delivering within the allocated time to enhance client centric approach and flexibility.

We give AMC administrations to both Branded and Assembled Computers and Laptops. Our Computer AMC Service incorporates:

  • Add/Remove Computer Hardware
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Monitor upkeep
  • Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem,DVD-ROM
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Services dependent on Internet
  • Protecting the framework programmers
  • Virus Protection and Virus Removal


Why choose Alowin  Computers?

  • Round the Clock Support, Throughout the Year
  • Free Anti Virus Software(Yearly Plan)
  • Free Critical Software Updates, Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs
  • Smart Tune Up – Better Performance
  • Optimized PC/Speed up your PC
  • Keep your PC free from Spywares/Adwares
  • Low Cost Plan
  • No Computer Crashes
  • Security against programmers, trozans and infections.
  • Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs


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